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P.O. Box 148, Stevenson, WA 98648-0148

An Important Update from Secretary Rena!


The Annual Reunion is held the Saturday before the 4 th Sunday, in June, and is the Annual Meeting of the Association. Following a brief business meeting, dinner is served, with lots of time to visit with classmates and friends. Mark your calendars now for next year’s reunion to be held on June 22, 2019. We also encourage teachers, community members, and friends to attend - please share this information.



Message from the President

Welcome to the 63rd Stevenson High School Alumni Dinner and Reunion. It is a fun time to connect with classmates and friends. As I reflect on my time at SHS, I remember the games, dances, crowded halls, cafeteria, assemblies, concerts, swimming pool and, yes, many of the classes and teachers. It was a time to get an education and to learn about life.

We all grew so much from our freshman year through our senior year. Our friends, families, teachers and other school staff helped us become the individuals we are today. For me, those years provided me with the basic tools with which I built my careers and my life. It was a good foundation and one that I appreciate to this day.

As we return to SHS to celebrate this time with friends and colleagues, I hope you will also take time to reach out to classmates and friends that weren’t able to attend this year. My classmates are scattered from Skamania County to New Jersey to Australia and all points in between. When I have the chance to talk with one of them, it is nice to reminisce, as well as to hear their life stories.

As you may know, your Alumni Association provides scholarships for SHS graduates to help launch them on their next journey in life. These scholarships are made possible with a portion of the banquet’s meal cost, additional donations from our SHS alums, and from a few generous bequests in SHS alumni wills. To help the next generation of SHS alums on their way, please consider making an additional contribution to the SHS Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.

Thank you for attending. It is always great to see friends and share stories.

Bill Lahmann – President, SHS Alumni Association


We are issuing a plea for anyone having class address lists to e-mail or send them to Rena or Webmaster – our address records are really sketchy, especially for the past 10-15 years.  We note the year the address is updated on our master list so it helps to make sure we have the most current information. 


Here is a link to 2017 reunion photos:

2017 Reunion Photos

Compliments of Vicki & Dan Voorhees



In a trophy case in the lobby of the high school gym sits a deflated, dusty old leather football.  There is some writing on that old ball and on closer examination the writing seems to be...........

Former Stevenson Grade School, Gymnasium and High School


Stevenson High Today


Does anyone have a recording of our Fight Song? Please Contact:


Updated 5-10-2018

Submit Your Reunion Pictures

Send me your class reunion pictures and I will post them as a slide show for others to see. Include year, location and any other info you would like included.


A New Invitation

The Alumni Board has made changes to the way we prepare and mail our invitations. We are using NetPost through the U.S. Postal Service. By using NetPost the Alumni Association was able to save $160.00 in mailing costs. NetPost also cross-references our Alumni addresses against the U.S. Postal Service’s national database. This will save additional costs of approximately 100 “bad” addresses or $39.00. We no longer have the pretty blue paper but we had to cut the frills to cut costs! PLEASE advise all Alumni that we must have good, current addresses for our new system of mailing. Thanks for your patience with our new system. Rena Crews Hollis, Secretary, Class of 1972

Alumni Address Updating If you know of anyone who did not receive a reservation form, please contact Rena Crews Hollis by E-mail or the Alumni Association, P.O. Box 148, Stevenson, WA 98648-0148.

We would like to honor those people who have attended the banquet for several consecutive years. PLEASE LIST THE NUMBER OF YEARS YOU HAVE ATTENDED THE BANQUET ON YOUR RESERVATION FORM.
We encourage teachers, community members and friends to attend the banquet.


Scholarship Fund is supported by donations by Alumni, other memorials and 25% of the banquet ticket price.  You are encouraged to donate, as indicated on the form provided.  There are four $1,000 scholarships available annually. 


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